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The back massager product range aims at eliminating/mitigating back pain and this buying guide explains about massaging in general, who are most susceptible to back pain, what features  they should look for in a back massager so that they can derive the maximum value for money and also get relief from the  pain they suffer. These products serve the purpose to get you going by relieving you from that nagging pain caused by stress in general and muscle tension in particular. Long hours of desk work, inadvertently held wrong postures, muscle degeneration in the elderly and of course stress all contribute to back pain.

The muscles in the body and connective tissues have a tendency to get stiffened either due to less or over use and a massage is a manipulative process to relive the body from such stiffness and promote relaxation and well-being. An electro-mechanical massager depending upon the area in which it is supposed to work should contain qualities that target the muscles, tendons, ligaments, skin, joints or other connective tissues and lymphatic vessels and work through vibration techniques.

While shopping for back massager products, buyers should look for three important features, viz, appearance, noise level and the feel effect. Appearance gives you the aesthetics by being stylish and/or elegant; for this, the shell should be made of plastics, appear bright and clean. The noise level determines the quality of the product, for the lesser the noise the better the quality and the switches in them determine the vibration levels that gives you the feel effect; typically all back massagers consist of a strong and weak switch and depending upon the levels of vibration you need, you can decide to use that switch which is most comfortable to you. It would be desirable to spend a little longer time to test other features of back massager products and go on until the automatic shut down takes place.

The primary advantage of a hand held massager or Portable is that you can use it to give a massage in whichever part of the body you want and get the tension relieved by massaging the area and relaxing the muscles. There are a vast number of handheld massagers available in the market but the most popular among them is the one which has an oval massaging head resting on a long handle. This design can reach the maximum on your shoulders and back without you having to strain; in addition, you should see whether they are capable of being operated with battery power for the sheer convenience of using it anywhere you like and again you should look for the length of the chord as the longer the chord from the power point, the better. For instance, see if you can get the hand held back massager appliance to reach your bed. Nonetheless, this alone needs not be your choice for there are a variety of smaller versions (for instance some can fit right in the palm of your hand) from which the selections that suit you the best can be made.

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Homedics is a global manufacturer of massage, wellness and relaxation oriented products and being professionals and having years of accumulated expertise in this field have put in all the features you look for in a handheld back massager.

We have personally tested and reviewed four of Homedics’ popular back massager products, and provided them on this website to assist you in making the right choice:

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