Best Anti Gravity Massage Chairs Reviews

85Zero gravity technology generates a feeling of ‘weightlessness’, and office massage chairs which utilize this technology have a number of health benefits. Frequently Throughout the day we find ourselves stiff from sitting in the office chairs. we want fell relax on office chairs. when at night our muscles ache and are asking for a good care. we thought about office massage chairs.  They can help to promote rest and relaxation, and target areas of the body that are aching or sore. Here are three of the best anti gravity massage chairs Reviews, with focus on the features of each product.

1. AcuTouch Zero Gravity Chair (HT-7450)

acutouch-ht7450-z-1The HT-7450 Zero Gravity Massage Chair from AcuTouch is the first massage chair in the world that incorporated back-care engineering and utilizes the latest technology to defy gravity. Customers who have used the chair have experienced “weightlessness” while the chair targets different muscle groups in the head and body for a more effective massage.

The chair is easy to use, and comes with a full instructional guide with tips on how set the product up for the first time. You can even contact the manufacturer if you need some additional information or reviews of Anti Gravity on how to use the chair, or require some technical help. AcuTouch are renowned for manufacturing products of the highest quality, and the Zero Gravity chair is one of their most popular products to date.The anti gravity chair incorporates the latest technology to redefine gravity’s adverse effects.

The chair applies the principles of geometry for a better fit and a more effective massage. By reclining into a zero-gravity position, with the legs above the heart, the spine decompresses and relaxes. The chair can then improve blood circulation, and help alleviate the symptoms of joint and muscle pain. The chair is effective in providing the body with a full massage, and has a number of benefits when compared with conventional massage. Unlike a regular massage where the individual may feel self-conscious about being undressed among someone that he or she doesn’t know, a massage chair like this can provide a full massage when the individual is fully clothed, promoting a better sense of well being.

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2. ARI Medical Zero Gravity Massage Chair

ari-medical-zero-gThis is another one of the most popular zero gravity massage chairs on the market, and comes with six different modes such as kneading, shiatsu, Swedish massage, and tapping – allowing you to customize your massage based on your preferences. There are also seven additional automatic massage procedures, such as demo mode, sleep mode, smart mode, relaxation mode and therapy mode. With a total of 30 air bags, the intensity of pressure can be tailored depending on your own circumstances, while the angle of zero gravity can easily be adjusted from 110 degrees to 170 degrees to help promote the circulation of blood around the body.

The chair focuses on all the body but especially the neck and shoulders, and well as providing a lumbar massage which is tailored to the curve of your body. Using a massage chair like this has a number of benefits, and can be ideal when dealing with stress, anxiety or depression. In fact, regular massage can help to increase serotonin levels in the brain and encourage the brain to release endorphins – also known as the body’s feel good chemical – into the blood stream. This chair is easy to use, and customers can contact the manufacturer if they want to find out more about the product.

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3. Venice Massage Chair (BH M650)

M650-Venice-Massage-ChairThis massage chair has a unique zero gravity system, with comfortable rollers that are positioned above the heart in a similar way to when astronauts take off from Earth. The zero gravity will enable your body to lie comfortably across the chair, making it easier for the product to focus on different muscle groups and deliver an effective and relaxing massage. A massage chair like this can be beneficial if you are used to playing sports or spending time in the gym, and can focus on the muscle groups that need the most attention – preventing muscle and joint ache at a later state and encouraging the body to repair in a quicker time frame.

The Venice chair has a number of massage settings that you can personalize depending on your circumstances, and is comfortable and easy to use, with full instructions provided when you purchase the product. Other benefits include a spinal adjustment massage therapy feature, and triple action massage which is focused on the lower back – one of the most common areas of the body that experiences aches and pains.

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