Best Massage Chairs That You Need To Know About

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Massage chairs can help with pain relief, promote a general sense of wellbeing, and can leave you feeling less stressed after a long day. These types of chair are becoming increasing popular, with a number of products available on the market which range in price and features. However, it can be difficult to know which product provides the best value for money, and is the most effective when it comes to massaging the head and body. This article includes three of the best massage chairs on the market, with information on the benefits of each product.

1. Black Reclining Massage Leather Office Chair from Rio

This six point massage high back office chair swivels 360 degrees and comes with a plethora of features. The product is easy to assemble and comes with full instructions – providing you with all the information you need when setting up the chair for the first time. Rio have an excellent customer service system in place, so you will be able to contact a member of staff if you have a query about the product, or just need some more information about its features. Attractive in design, the chair looks great in any home or office, and is easy to store away when it is not being used.

Manufactured from a high quality faux leather, the chair has a recline function, double padding, and recline function, and is the ideal chair to sit on after a long day at work or spending time at the gym. The chair works by targeting different muscle groups on the body, and comes with two different intensity settings, allowing you to customize your massage depending on your personal circumstances. You can either massage your upper back, thigh and lower back at the same time or customize the chair’s settings to massage just one of these body parts. Different styles of massage include press, wave, manual, auto, and pulse.

The chair is so popular because it provides support for the lower back, which is one of the areas of the body that is the most neglected if you are used to working long hours in the office. The padded armrest keeps the body feeling comfortable and prevents your elbows from getting sore when having a massage. Other features include a tilt, recline, and lock mechanism, so you can find a position that is the most comfortable for you and then secure it into place. All chairs have undergone rigorous testing and adhere to safety regulations.

2. MSSL02 Massage Chair with 10 Point Vibration Massage

This massage chair comes with a 10 point vibration massage feature, so you will be able to target parts of the body such as the bottom, thighs, back, shoulder, neck and calves. The chair is comfortable, attractive, and easy to store away when it is not being used. It can be used for pain relief if you have sore joints or muscles, or can be used to de-stress after a long day. The chair is also useful in helping the body to repair itself after a strenuous workout at the gym, or after playing sport. The MSSL02 chair comes with a remote control, so you will be able to customize your massage based on your preferences. There are five different intensity levels, and you will be able to have a massage whenever you like. Other features include a back rest with an inclination that ranges from 120 degrees to 145 degrees, and a heavy duty cover in a leather finish.

3. Malmo Recliner and Footstool from Julian Bowen

This massage chair is manufactured from a soft touch faux leather, providing maximum comfort at all times. The chair has been upholstered, and is attractive in design. Full instructions are provided so you will be able to assemble the product yourself, although the manufacturer recommends that two people carry this out together. The massage chair works by targeting different muscle groups, and can be used as a relaxation aid. Using a massage chair like this can have a number of benefits when compared with a traditional massage. Studies show that individuals might feel more relaxed in a massage chair as they are able to remain fully clothed when having the massage and won’t need to be undressed among people they don’t know. This chair is durable, comfortable, and can be used for pain relief. Massage chair reviews for the product have been good, and the chair comes in different colors.

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