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There are so many stresses that plague us in our day to day lives, and how we deal with them determine our well being in the long run. Some people exercise, others meditate, while others delve into some bad habits e.g. stress eating and drinking. While exercise and meditation are good stress relievers, one cannot brush aside the idea of getting yourself feet massage once in a while. If you have been meditating, then combine weekly feet massage with your meditation and you will be amazed.

Not all of us can afford to have a foot massage each and everyday. We either don’t have the time to do that or we do not have the money for such a luxury. Since you cannot get the same relaxation by massaging your own feet, then you need to buy a foot massager, which will do all the work for you, without getting tired or complaining, neither will it burn up your savings. Like any other appliance a foot massager that is more expensive is the good quality one. The cheaper the foot massager, the lower the quality of the massage. Not all of them are the same. There is one for every size of pocket, although the qualities of their massages differ from one another like night and day.

The advantages of a having a foot massager in your home cannot be over emphasized. We all know that we want our feet to feel good at the end of a tiring day. The foot massager will ensure that you get quality kneading of your feet, ankles and toes. Some of them are designed to knead your calves and give you the relaxation you need badly, especially if you have been on your feet the whole day. In your choice of a foot massager, make sure that you get one that will massage your ankles as well.

Massaging relaxes your muscles and help increase blood circulation to your feet. By applying pressure on some points on your feet, some of the massagers are reflexology massagers. Having a reflexology massager will improve the health of the other organs of your body at the same time giving you the relaxation you want. Reflexology is the art of applying pressure to the soles of the feet using specific techniques to enable a desired effect to be produce on the body organs.

Foot Massager Brands


With the quality of life that we live dropping day by day, the stresses that we encounter are on the rise. Anything that you do is accompanied by some stress. The cost of living has gone up and it is becoming harder and harder for people to make ends meet and it is common to find people working several jobs to put food on the table. The stress that this lifestyle puts on our bodies cannot be comprehended for long and if not taken care of well, the body breaks down. Manual foot massages at the spa or salon are not within the reach of those that need it the most. While it is not an option to massage your feet everyday or to have somebody massage them for you, you are left with the only option in the market: foot massagers. With the many brands of foot massagers in the market, the best is the xtc brand of foot massagers.

The xtc foot massager has got to be one of the most time-saving foot massagers that have ever been invented by man. Instead of expensive weekly or daily visits to the spa, all you do is insert your feet in the massager and voila, your feet are kneaded and so are your stresses. The xtc range of foot massagers are the most efficient brand in the foot massager market. You have the choice between the cheap and expensive range of xtc foot massagers; although the cheap ones are not exactly what you want to have in your home at the end of the day, unless you are a fan of repairing broken stuff.

Of all the foot massagers in the market today, the xtc foot massager is one of the few massagers that will massage your feet as well as your calves and hamstrings. Weighing in at 8 pounds, the xtc foot massager is light and you may carry it around your office. it has been made convenient to use and when you want to change the speed of your massage, you do not have to bend over as the knobs can all be controlled using your toes. It is maintenance free and comes with a warranty. With regard to warranties, the longer the warranty, the better the quality of any appliance.

The xtc foot massager is not noisy at all. This foot massager comes fitted with a heat feature for extra relaxation. Massaging with heat increases the relaxation of foot muscles.


if you are a proponent of a holistic lifestyle that is a combination of exercise, good diet and the once-in- while spa reflexology treatment, then the reflexology foot massager will ensure that your tight sore muscles are relaxed and you are saved the trip to the spa, all for a couple of a hundred of dollars.

For those who love exotic treatment, reflexology is a means to get out of your comfort zone and trying something new. The art of reflexology originated in the east; in Japan and china. The reflexologists believed that all the organs of the body are connected to the hands and the feet and the well being of these organs were dependent on the well being of the hands and the feet.

Reflexologists believe that the human body is divided into ten longitudinal zones, which are equally divided in the body, with either side of the body having five zones. Our hands and feet contain pressure points which when pressure is applied, cause a positive effect on the specific organs of the body.

The art of reflexology has matured over the years and it is possible for a reflexologist to tell you of the abnormalities in your body by practicing his art on you. Reflexology has the advantage of increasing blood flow to the feet and reducing swellings. Reflexology is good, especially for expectant mothers who suffer from swollen feet during their pregnancy since it reduces swellings.

Given the many benefits of reflexology and the expensiveness of the procedure, a reflexology foot massager is the short cut to achieving all the above without much hassle and expenses. Almost all brands of massagers have their own version of the reflexology massager and so a buyer has a wide range to choose from.

The reflexology foot massager is not cheap, the cheapest in the market ranges from $250. While it is expensive, the benefits of this massager are well worth the money you will be spending on it. Emphasis has to be placed on the fact that you will get returns if you spend on this reflexology massager. If you spend $30 on a massager, then you will get small returns and it will not last you very long. If however you spend $250 you will benefit from a warranty and a maintenance free reflexology massager. Aside from the good service it will give you this massager will ensure that your overall body health is balanced.


Are you always on your feet due to the nature of your work? Are you tired of having to contend with sore feet and muscles at the end of the day? Do you consider a visit to the massage therapist an all-too-expensive venture? Then a solution to your massage issues may have just landed on your laps in the form of the Medi rub foot massager.

The Medi Rub Foot Massager does more than the basic kneading. It relaxes the muscles of your feet and relieves cramps. By kneading, it promotes the smooth blood flow into your feet and relieves the stress that has been placed on your feet during the day. A majority of the population suffer from tired feet due to the nature of the work they do. Stressed feet are not the preserve of those who are on their feet the whole day. The underutilization of the muscles of your feet can also bring about fatigue and stress. Performing a few stretching exercises will not do the trick for so long if your job is sedentary.

The Medi Rub Foot Massager is a good quality maintenance free massager that is designed with speed control buttons. The speed with which you massage your feet will be dependent on the kind of stress your feet have gone under during the day. You may opt for a light massage or deep muscle massage. The speed control motor has enabled the use of the Medi Rub Foot Massager on anybody. Its portability allows for massages in the locations of your choice. The motor is quiet, so you can enjoy quiet deep massages in your home. For diabetic and obese clients, this would be the recommended foot massager for its vigor in massaging the deep tissues of the feet. The Medi Rub Foot Massager eases the pain and aches in the toes and the heels of the feet. Its long cord (ten feet) allows for flexibility in its use. If you have a common power source then you do not have to move around so much to plug the Medi Rub Foot Massager.


A lot has been said about the benefits of foot massages. Aside from the heavenly relaxation you get when getting your feet massaged, a study has revealed that massages relieve stress and terminally ill patients have shown remarkable improvements after receiving foot massages. Do I need to emphasize more on the benefits of foot massages? At this point in the history of humanity we are more bombarded with stress than any other generation.
The expectations that have been set by the society we live in are extremely high and the pressure to succeed is even grater. Piling stress can have diverse effects on the human body depending on an individual’s handling of stress.
A massage is a good way of handling stress. All too often, we are not able to get massages from a massage therapist since they are expensive and most of us cannot make time because of our many commitments hence comes the need to purchase for yourself a home massager that will do your feet massages at your will.

The foot massager from HoMedics is synonymous with deep kneading. It kneads sore, tired and tight muscles to relaxation. Your stress levels will reduce drastically once you make a habit of foot massages. When it comes to giving a good foot massage, the HoMedics foot massager will deliver a foot massage over and above what you expected. You might re consider the visit to your massage therapist once you get yourself a HoMedics foot massager. The HoMedics foot massager is portable, so you don’t have to worry about where you will get a foot massage when you go on your business trip or holiday. You can get a foot massage anywhere you wish.

If you are looking for a quality foot massage that will knead your tired muscles to your satisfaction, then look no further than the HoMedics Foot Massagers, which have an added heat fixture that will relax your muscles while kneading them. Most of the HoMedics foot massagers have an internal roller ball which adds to the sensation of relief during the massage.

HoMedics is a household name; it has been around for quite some time, which says a lot about the quality of their products. HoMedics has dedicated itself to research and making sure that the expectations of its clients are met.


Foot massage has not ceased being one of the most efficient stress relievers of our time. Any physician will point out to you the pros of getting yourself a foot massage. Most of us massage our feet daily without realizing that we are dong it. Although we do it lightly, we seem to be oblivious of the relief that this simple exercise give to our tired sore feet. A foot massage is one of the greatest feelings in the world although all of us would rather be on the receiving end. No one wants to massage anybody’s feet and sooner or later you will realize that your spouse is not having the time of his/her life massaging your feet; however much you like it.

How do you make sure that this heavenly feeling is part and parcel of your life without getting yourself at loggerheads with an unwilling massager? The answer is a conair foot massager. You will have saved every person involved a lot of trouble. This massager is unique, as it is gentle to the ankles. You may decide to get a light massage or a deep massage. With the motor, you are able to control the speed with which the conair foot massager is working and give yourself one deep massage.
The conair foot massager has some pressure points on its surface to massage the soles of your feet. It does not screech or make any uncomfortable noises while massaging your feet, so you can relax and even go to sleep while your aches and pains are being massaged away. Your calves are not left with the aches as this massager is also designed for the calves. It is relatively light, so you might want to reconsider carrying it around but nevertheless you can be able to massage your feet from whichever room in your house.

The conair foot massagers come in all ranges and sizes. If you want a remote controlled conair foot massager, you will have to cough out a little extra cash but it will be worth it when all you will have to do is sit back, relax and turn the massager on. For best results make sure that your feet have been immersed in water for a while before using this massager. Water has the effect of making the muscles tender and easier to work on. If you have a deep wound, you are better off massaging your feet manually.

1. Foot Pleaser™ Ultra Foot Massager
A luxurious massage at your feet. This massage unit should be used while sitting down and wearing socks and never with shoes. It is very easy to operate and you have two options: Massage and Massage with heat that with its counter-rotational massage action providesr a truly relaxing massage

This model has a toe-touch control allowing you to select massage or massage and heat combined with just a touch of your toe. Ridges on the unit help you position and hold your feet in place during the massage.

By changing the pressure of your feet on the massager, it will change the feel of the massage. If the unit tickles you, then you may need to apply more pressure or you may need to become accustomed to the sensation. If the massage feels too strong, you may need to lighten the pressure of your feet on the unit.
2. Therapist Select™ Shiatsu Foot Massager
This unit comes with two sets of massage heads under each foot counter-rotate providing a relaxing massage. As with the Foot Pleaser, it can be used with or without heat and also has the toe-touch control for your convenience.
3. Dual Foot Massager
The Dual Foot Masager provides a relaxing massage either with vibration or by rolling your feet over it. A portable unit that is battery operated for your convenience.

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