Fujimi EP8800 Massage Chair (Black)

Fujimi EP8800 Massage Chair (Black)[su_note note_color=”#f0e5d9″]

Fujimi is a Japanese company that manufactures massage chairs with the best technology one can wish for.

The Japanese advanced technology with the brand royalty of Fujimi in the market has given it an upper hand in the market of massage chairs exclusively the ones which are high end products.

Product Features

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  • The two things that one can be sure of in a Japanese electronic product is the durability which is withstanding for long terms of use along with the technology which has not been effective to the par in any other product as the product these manufacturers provide.
  • Although, the price might take you aback once, after you read the proper details of the massage chair you will realize that it has more features than the massage chairs which cost around $9,000 and above.
  • The chair comes with intelligent mechanical massage hands which detect the structure of the arms and the stiff points to massage them with just the amount that is required for a relaxation session.
  • The sore muscles get relaxed quickly with the 12 point physical therapy which is one of the most liked features of this product. It helps the body to properly enhance the fully body massage experience as well as keep the power consumption to the lowest.
  • Massage chairs require a lot of power to work but among all others, EP8800 is the power saving massage chair. It delivers better massages than Infinity Iyashi zero gravity massage chair.
  • Most of the buyers have bought the product directly from the trade fares where the product is usually kept for promotion and awareness. This chair is just impressive enough for anyone to buy right away.
  • There are often offers and discounts on this product provided by different sellers on amazon.com and is one of the most demanded product with no negative review till now.[/su_list]
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  • The only piece of hard work is the assembly of the chair which might get a little hectic for some people who do not understand Japanese translated English as the menu does feel as if a Japanese person has translated it into English.[/su_list]
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If you want to spend such a huge amount of money on a chair that give you massage and is reliable for years of times with full efficiency, then this chair is just perfect. Even though, the manufacturers provide extended warranty and full covers in it, no complaints have been registered against it yet. Read also : Massage Chairs. So, the product with only positive reviews should in the lead of the buy list of yours for sure.[/su_note]

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