Homedics VC-150 Back Massage Cushion

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We always hear people say that quality comes with a price. The thing is – this is not always the case. And a point in case is the Homedics VC-150 Back Revitalizer Heated Massage Cushion and Mat. You get a well designed and put together back massage cushion from one of the leading names in home appliances that focus on health. Homedics make a range of such products, especially the back massage cushions. At last count they had about 12 similar products on the market. What’s more, the VC-150 is very reasonably priced. It is for this reason that people regard it as good value for their money.

More on the Homedics VC-150 Back Massage Cushion

This back massage cushion looks slightly different to the other products (even the other Homedics products) but it still 1works on the same principle. You fold the cushion into the seat of the chair you are planning to sit on. This could be any chair really, from a straight backed dining chair to a plush, comfortable chair.

It can be used anywhere but the home is probably the best place as a good massage might make you sleepy. However you could also use it in the work office or in the car (just make sure you don’t become too relaxed though and stay alert!). I can even see how these sorts of products would be a great idea for people that drive vehicles for a living, like Taxi and truck drivers. They could have a massage in the seat whilst having a break or even while they are driving.

Below are more details about this heated massage cushion and mat:

  • A quilted baffle box construction makes it look sleek and elegant with its black as well as red features. This also ensures supreme comfort;
  • It offers a soothing relief for the back to ensure stress-free and relaxing moments;
  • It gives out soothing infra red heat for therapeutic purposes;
  • It provides a very invigorating massage which makes it good for both relaxation and therapeutic uses; and
  • It offers portability for ease of use.
  • Young adults through to the elderly will find great comfort in the Homedics VC-150 Back Revitalizer Heated Massage Cushion reviews and Mat.
  • For young adults, it is a good way to relax after a long, tiring day at the office or in the field.

For the elderly, it offers great massage therapies for the higher back area. Its adequate vibration and decent heat make it also safe and good to use whenever you feel like relaxing.

The Homedics SBM-500H cushion continues to receive a lot of positive comments not only because it is from a good brand that stands out for their excellent quality but also because of its many good uses and therapeutic functionality.

With this heated massage cushion and mat, you can have as much free time as you want to pamper and rid yourself free from stress and back pain. Current users of this cushion and mat also mention how it even works for the lower back. With this, its incredibly low price and other amazing features, it is no wonder it is currently finding its way to a growing number of homes.

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