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Lumbar pillows are the best when it comes to providing support to the spine of your body. From relieving the stress to reducing pain for people with back problems, the lumbar cushions can be a completely flexible to your needs. All you need to do is get one for yourself.

Benefits of Lumbar Pillows

  • They give support to the spine, lumbar region and also the entire back of the body.
    The ease of installation and portability lets you get relief from stress and back pain anywhere in the world.
  • One of the most useful things for people who travel regularly as they suffer from various back related issues due to different kind of seating all around.
  • As it is said that prevention is better than cure, one who opts for a lumbar pillow reduces the chances of drastic and chronic back disorders by 60%.
  • For a person who lives in this world full of stress a lumbar pillow is the one to take along. It not only gives relief from pain but also allows you to be at a mentally stable state which is necessary to give your best at work.
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Top 5 Lumbar Pillows Available Online

Unlike the earlier times when a person had to go to a chiropractor or a masseuse for even the slightest pain in the back, the technology has given a gift of accessibility with proper knowledge right at home. The lumbar pillows are one way to show the revolution of online shopping benefits for health. Here are the top 5 products available online which will work best for your body:

1. SimplePosture Lower Back Pain Relief Lumbar Support Pillow/Cushion

a1ijehclxxl-_sl1500_This lumbar cushion has been marked as the best seller by because it surely deserves to be the one. Being the complete package for lower back problems at such a low cost makes this product so desirable. The fabric is soft yet durable. The dual buckle strap can be stretched up to extents of all the possible chairs that you use on a daily basis. The 90 day love it or return it guarantee makes one more addition to its features by giving enough time for the user to analyse the product and return if not satisfied. Read More…

2. MemorySoft Lumbar Support Pillow with Mesh Fabric

a1rnm8eqrl-_sl1500_One in the top list of lumbar pillows is this one because it has some of the most necessary features working fine as well as giving the comfort of seating to the person all the time. The soft cushion works just fine at the painful targets while keeping the comfort of the posture intact unlike many others which usually after some time feel like an extra fitting on the seat. Can be used for long durations and the removable washable cover provides more convenience to the user. Works fine with any kind of seat and is extremely flexible for portability anywhere for regular travellers. Read More…

3. The Original McKenzie® SlimLine™ Lumbar Support

91c6ea9b9ol-_sl1500_This product gives a tough match to the rest of the products available in the market. With the slim roll design it provides a more accurate pressure point and is best for elderly people or the ones who are petite. The fabric is made of 100% polyester thus does not attract any moisture or absorb the sweat. The slim design is good for people who cannot tolerate a more intrusive support cushion. The latex strap is extremely durable and stretchable too giving endurance and accessibility in one hand itself. Read More…

4. Sweet Relief Lumbar Back Support Cushion with Memory Foam

9192rfui27l-_sl1500_Many people who buy the lumbar cushions do not keep the thing in mind that they do sweat and not every fabric is made to prevent sweat absorption. Thus, this product comes into the play by providing a complete air breathing mesh support for the lumbar to keep the back cool while you enjoy the facilities of relieving pain all day long. The cost of buying them individually is pretty high, while this combo serves to the expectations with relatively lower costs. This product is also recommended by many doctors too. Read More..

5. Ziraki 5 in 1 New Memory Foam Cushion- Premium Lumbar Lower Back Support

91pf68nicl-_sl1500_Usually people buy lumbar cushions for support but this product does more than just supporting your back. It can make your posture firm and straight and increase the blood flow in the spine thus giving better results in medical terms too. The cushions come with a built in mesh to let the pillow breathe. The cooling gel pad does not let the cushion get hot with continuous contact and lose its flexibility on a longer term. Extra travel bag accessory is a plus point too for the ones who want to carry it around all the time. Read More…

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