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How To Choose the Best Massage Chair

There are many things to consider when looking for a This may interest you : Sierra Comfort Professional Series Portable Massage Table.Best massage chair. You want to consider your needs and those of other people who may use the chair regularly.

Best Massage chairs contain a variety of different therapeutic features. You can also find a wide variety of different massage therapies. There is a lot to consider when you are looking for these advanced recliners.

Here are some of the more important considerations when evaluating your needs and which massage chairs will best fill them.

[su_tabs vertical=”yes”][su_tab title=”Research Different Brands“]It is important to consider a number of different brands. Each manufacturer specializes in different areas. The results and benefits of receiving massage therapy are dependent on the chair which is providing it.

It is easy to start with the Internet to find out the main manufacturers and to print out the specifications of their models. Call the manufacturers and ask them any questions you may have.

Another avenue is to call Internet dealers and ask them their opinions about different brands as well. There are also a number of massage chair review sites which offer you a range of opinions about different models.[/su_tab]

[su_tab title=”Purchase for the Long Term“]Models of Best massage chairs vary in their life span. Although you can get a Best massage chair for under $1000, you will have a much shorter lifespan than ones that run a few thousand dollars.

It is important to consider the time frame in which you would like to use the recliner. Higher end models are designed to last 2000hours. Some of the lower end models are designed to last 500 hours. Be sure you understand your needs before purchasing.[/su_tab]

[su_tab title=”Massage Therapy“] If you are not that familiar with the different massage treatments, then there are quite a number of techniques integrated into today’s massage chairs to learn. Popular massage techniques such as Swedish, deep tissue, shiatsu, sports therapy and even Hawaiian can be found in best massage chairs.

This gives you a great variety of treatments. Each of these treatments delivers different sets of benefits and results. It is important to see if the chair comes with manual massage techniques as well as automatic massages. Most massage chairs allow you to target a specific area or point for relief.[/su_tab]

[su_tab title=”Massage Techniques“]What results or benefits do you want from a massage chair? Do you have problems areas? Talk with your medical massage, professional massage or chiropractor about Best massage chairs.

Do you want a reflexology foot massage? Do you want lower body massage capability? You will want to find a chair that fits best your needs and others who may use it frequently.[/su_tab]

[su_tab title=”Therapeutic Features“]Massage recliners now come with a variety of therapeutic features. Of course, they have a range of different massage treatments.

Massage treatments consist of automatic massages, manual massage techniques and massage courses.

You can also get a variety of other features such as stretching, heaters, music players and even foot reflexology massage.[/su_tab]

[su_tab title=”Powered or Manual Recline“]Another important consideration is whether you want the chair to be powered or manual.

A powered lounger comes with recliner & vibration. The manual recline is operated with a hydraulic cylinder and also levers.

Generally, the more expensive chairs will have power and the less expensive chairs will have manual levers.[/su_tab]

[su_tab title=”Upholstery Material of Recliner“] Best Massage chairs come in leather, synthetic leather and faux suede.

There are advantages and disadvantages to each material type. Leather massage chairs is very wear resistant, but requires more maintenance. It cannot be used with heating systems as it readily breaks down.

Synthetic leather or PVC leather has improved dramatically with many softer, wear resistant materials that are easy to clean.

Faux suede enables many fashionable colors to be used, but may be more problems to keep clean.[/su_tab]

[su_tab title=”Placing Your Massage Chair“]The placement of your chair is also an important consideration.

You have to consider traffic in different rooms and where it is best to get a relaxing massage. Some massage chairs come with a music player and headphones which can eliminate problems of excessive noise.

Make sure that the room has adequate space for accommodating the recliner. Recliners can take up to six or seven feet when they are fully recline.

The recline position is when the chair is fully back and the leg rest is completely raised. Another important consideration is the decorating scheme of your room and the design of the massage chair.[/su_tab]

[su_tab title=”Customer Support & Warranty Coverage“]Warranty coverage is about parts, labor, shipping and in-home service.

Some manufacturers cover only the main mechanical or electrical parts. Most do not cover the upholstery or accessories. Labor may be included, but may only apply to labor at the manufacturer and not include in home technician service.

Shipping parts or the chair for that matter is sometimes covered during the warranty period. If parts or your chair needs to be shipped, you want to know who covers it. In home technician service is a value added service.

The major brands will offer it which gives you much more peace of mind. Get the peace of mind of in-home technician service.

Make sure you get this as having to have to move your massage chair and take it to a service center can be a real pain.[/su_tab]

[su_tab title=”Your Shipping Options“]There are three basic shipping options to choose from. There is curbside, threshold and White glove delivery. Curbside means that the massage chair will be brought up to your door.

Threshold means that the massage chair will be brought into your home. White glove delivery means that two people will come and deliver the chair and set it up.

With the white glove delivery, the chair will be placed and set up with the accessories.

They also will remove the packaging material. Shop around and see if you can get a good deal on shipping or even if it will be included for free.[/su_tab]

[su_tab title=”Trying Massage Chairs“]Have some fun and go out and try some massage chairs. Many malls have stores that offer massage chairs. Try a high-end model versus a lower end or mid range model.

What are the main differences that you found? Do these make an important difference in your buying decision?

Try different massage techniques. Try the automatic programs versus the manual techniques. Try different therapeutic features and find what will best fit your needs.[/su_tab]

[su_tab title=”Evaluate all the Info“]You will have to weigh out the features, styling, warranty, etc for the massage chairs you are considering. Also, who is going to use the Best massage chair and what are their weights and heights?

What types of needs do they have? What features are the best for everyone? Did anyone get to try the Best massage chairs on your list?

If someone did not, then find a retailer carrying that massage chair in your area.

If not, some internet dealers offer a 30 day trial period. However, you will be responsible for the shipping expenses. Call a few internet dealers to find the best price.[/su_tab]

[su_tab title=”Make Your Decision“]Which massage chair did you choose? Where do you want to buy it from? Did you shop around? What kind of shipping option do you want? Check around and see what makes sense for you. Make sure you include any significant other in the decision process. Once you know what you want find the best deal. You may be surprised at the deal you can get.[/su_tab]

[su_tab title=”Read the User Manual“]Everyone gets very excited to use the massage chair when it first arrives.

It is important to review the user manual. It will point out some important safety precautions.

Also, it gives you tips on how best to position yourself and takes advantage of its many massage treatments. This will enable you to target specific areas quickly and come up to speed on its capabilities.[/su_tab]

[su_tab title=”Using Your Chair Properly“]Learn to use your chair properly. One important thing is to position your body appropriately in the massage chair to get the best treatment.

Remember that the further you recline the chair, the stronger the massage will be. It is important to position your body first before starting the massage treatment.

Adjust the head pillow so that it supports your neck and head. If you did not want the pillow, then simply flip it over the back of the chair back.

Once you’re comfortable, then start the massage of your choice.[/su_tab][/su_tabs]

Massage Chair Features

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Shiatsu is one of the best techniques used by professional masseuse and therapists. It is a Japanese physical therapy technique characterized by the application of small, gentle pressure using the thumb on your body, that’s why it has also come to be known as “hands-on therapy” or “finger pressure”. The correct amount of pressure on specific points works to trigger energy flow within the nerves of your shiatsu body.


Kneading on the other hand is used on your back to stimulate blood circulation. Like kneading a dough, heavy palm pressure or small punches are delivered on your back. A certain amount of pressure is strictly applied.


Other types are more like massage techniques. Rolling for example is applied on your spine. The thumb is gently press-rolled over the discs in your back to relieve pressure. This technique is also applied to release tension in muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints.


The Swedish massage is another type characterized by gently rubbing with direction following the flow of blood travelling towards the heart. It works by relaxing muscles and promoting blood circulation. Unlike Shiatsu though, Swedish massage does not stimulate specific points. Best Massage chairs usually use four or five heads or nodes to replicate this massage type.


Tapping are rapid movements delivered on the back to remove tension. Therapists usually use the side of their hands applied in succession on the back. Some use their closed fists.[/su_note]

Top/Best Massage Chairs Brands (Sorted By Price Range)

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Below 1000$

Between 1000$ – 3000$

Between 3000$ – 5000$

Above 5000$


Massage Chairs Types & Brands

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There are a lot of Best massage chair brands to choose from and they all manufacturer a wide variety of massage chairs. Here is a some of leading most popular Brands like Ogawa, Osaki, Panasonic, Homedics etc.[/su_note]

Massage Chair Reviews of 2015

Sites such as massage chair review sites bring you reviews on a variety of options so that you can make an informed decision on which chair would best meet your needs. Read also : Homedics VM-150 Body Revitalizer 5 Motor Massaging Mat with Heat. Having the experiences of others available to you can be an invaluable resource.

Manufacturers often maintain their own websites and detail what their specialties are and which technologies their chairs incorporate. But we are providing you Reviews of massage chair which one is best for you here we are listing some of our review by our experts.

Looking for the best and cheapest massage chair? We have expert reviews and feature comparisons of the top massaging chairs. Our interactive massage chair chart allows you to compare features, ratings and reviews of the best models of massage chair.

Here is a review of the best massage chair available in the market at premium pricing and a comparison of it against two different massage chairs that are :-

Osaki massage chair Review

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Omega Massage Chair Review

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Panasonic Massage Chair Review

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Inada Massage Chair Review

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Ogawa Massage Chair Review

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Cozzia Massage Chair Review

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Infinity Massage Chair Review

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Luraco Massage Chair Review

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Human Touch Massage Chair Review

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Osim Massage Chair Review

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  • Latest Osim massage chair delivers powerful full-body massage that’s precision-calibrated for your body— so you can experience real relaxation from head to toe.
  • At the beginning of each program, the chair’s massage rollers glide along the length of your back to customize your massage.
  • This precision calibration results in a more sensitive, effective massage that soothes just the right spots.


Inner Balance Massage Chair Review

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Superior Massage Chair Review

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iComfort Massage Chair Review

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Sanyo Massage Chair Review

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Fujita Massage Chair Review

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Homedics Massage Chair Review

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