Massage Cushions

Massage Cushions

Back pain or Dorsalgia is a common problem that many people face each and every day. It could be due to a sudden exertion (a crick in the back!) or it could be the culmination of years a treating the body badly. Many of Cushions come with Heat Function Along with the massage you can also turn on the heat function to provide soothing relaxation.  This heated back massager also includes a remote for customizing your massage.Whatever the cause, it can be a debilitating condition that could lay a person up for a day or two or just be a dull source of frustration and discomfort. Provided nothing serious has been done to this part of the body, you can ease many of the problems that are associated with back pain by having a massage. You could have a qualified Shiatsu practitioner work on your lower back or you could go for a more convenient solution with a back massage cushion for chair. Without doubt a back massage cushion With heat is not going to replace the years and years of education and practice that a qualified Shiatsu massage might be able to bring to your back, but it can still do a pretty good job. What’s more it is considerably more convenient to use and a lot cheaper. Simply fit the cushion to your favorite chair, in your study or living room. Sit back and start to relax.

Back massage cushions are basically a cushion overlay for your chair and massage table. It is made of a soft fabric that is comfortable to sit on. Underneath the fabric are various mechanisms that simulate various massage techniques. The most common technique is the shiatsu massage technique (which is an ancient form of healing from Japan that uses the palms, fingers and thumbs to massage away ailments, tension and stress. It literally translates to finger pressure). Some mechanisms also use a heating element to warm the part of the body being massaged. This is also thought to have therapeutic benefits.

The back massage cushion can be easily fitted to the chair that you most commonly sit in. So if you work from home in a home study or office then this chair is probably the best option.

Most of these types of massage appliances plug into a wall socket to work so you may need to be close to a power outlet or have an extension lead. After that simply turn the back massager on, select the program you want and let the massage begin.

You can have a massage while you work or if you find it too relaxing that it distracts you from your work, save it for the end of the day when all the work is done.

If you don’t have a study then set it up in your living room or lounge on a comfortable massage chair. You can use it while watching the TV or chatting with the family.

Back pain can be divided into 4 main parts depending on the location of the pain. Basically all pain that can be associated with the spine is some form of back pain (and since the spine is an extremely complex network of nerves, joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments it could be argued that many pains not even located in the back are due to some stress or strain on the spine)

So you can get neck pain, upper back pain, lower back pain or tailbone pain. Problems with the back are one of the most common complaints that a doctor will have to deal with. Lower back pain, usually brought on by over exertion or poor lifting techniques is one of the most common ailments that see people take time off work. Neck pain and pain around the shoulders is often associated with stress and worry. Massage techniques can not only ease the physical tension within the body but also the mental stresses and strains that people endure everyday. Combine a massage with some form of aromatherapy to totally change the mood of the individual.

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