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Options and Specifications for Quality Massage Table

Choosing the best Quality Portable massage table can be challenging and confusing considering the several types, models and qualities of these tables. However, with the following specifications and options, you will be able to select the best option that will eventually lead you to choose a quality massage table.

Cost is the first consideration when choosing a massage table. Lower costs do not necessarily mean the table is of low quality. The price of most massage tables ranges from $369 to $573 depending on the quality. However, other massage tables such as Strong lite Standard Massage Table go at $219 while others such as Pisces Pro Pacifica Salon Massage Table cost as high as $952. In addition, when purchasing a massage table consider your needs and the clients’ or receiver’s luxury rather than the cost.

Another consideration you should put forth before acquiring a massage table is the type of the table. There are three types of the massage table, and these are Entry Level Massage Table, Lightweight Massage Table and Professional Massage Table. Entry Level Massage Table is suitable for persons with a limited budget perhaps students or potential students who are not ready for expensive table or just want the table for home use. On the other hand, Lightweight Massage Table is suitable for out-calls businesses or transportation of the massage table. Similar to the regular massage tables, Lightweight can provide all the strength and quality if correctly built. Professional Massage Table, on the contrary, will give you more freedom as far as customization of your table is concerned. Moreover, these tables often provide you with the option of choosing from various widths depending on your height and style. Professional Massage Tables also have high-quality fabric and layered foams.

The specifications of the table also account for the massage table reviews. The first specification is the width. An average width for a wooden massage table is 30 inches or 76cm although; lightweights may be slightly less with widths of 29 inches or 74cm. Consequently, when choosing the width, kindly consider the bulk and the client’s comfort. However, do not choose too heavy or too wide massage table, take note that a practitioner cannot offer good treatment when in pain.

Second specification is the length: Most massage tables are 185cm long or approximately 72-73 inches long, perhaps to accommodate all the body styles and types. The removable headrest option adds another 30cm (12 inches) when your face faces down (prone posture) while the footrest option adds another 9 inches. The next specification is the height: the heights of most massage tables are around 24 inches to 34 inches (60cm-86cm). However, ergonomics and personal preference determine the height of an ideal massage table.

Another consideration you need to put forth before choosing a massage table is foam: The density of the foam is the backbone of foam quality, and not the thickness. The creation of a comfortable and supportive surface without tipping the scales is the trick with massage tables. Be cautious of cheap foams of between 3 to 6 inches lest you end up with a brick of foam that is as hard as a rock or mostly air. Furthermore, make sure you choose a massage table with a durable and easy to clean fabric, particularly the highly commended PVC free fabric.

In summary, the best massage table should be light, durable and most importantly, should offer the comfort needed. To enhance the comfort of your massage table you can opt for carry cases. Most massage tables come with these carry cases that include the headrests among others. However, you can purchase these cases if your massage table does not have them. Carry cases are meant for table and fabric protection.

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