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Health Through Massage is a unique distributor of massage products. A family run business consisting of three co-founders; A Massage Therapist, an Orthopedic Doctor and a Sports Specialist. This unique combination of specialists provides a thorough insight into all areas of therapeutic and relaxation massage.

The company was founded in a Massage Clinic where massage products were tried and tested on clients in order to find which products were the most successful. Starting off small by selling to Clinic clients Health Through Massage became very popular and expanded. Health Through Massage now distributes OSIM Massage Chairs and other Massage products throughout the UK and Europe.

Osim Massage chair Reviews

Latest Osim massage chair delivers powerful full-body massage that’s precision-calibrated for your body— so you can experience real relaxation from head to toe. At the beginning of each program, the chair’s massage rollers glide along the length of your back to customize your massage. This precision calibration results in a more sensitive, effective massage that soothes just the right spots.

OSIM uASTRO2 Massage Chair

The OSIM uASTRO2 Massage Chair is the ideal outlet for revitalization and relief of stress everyday, according to massage chair retailers.  They are talking about professional-grade quality of massage comparable to that of spa services.  Buying a unit of this model is similar to bringing into your home expert shiatsu services.

Product Features

This product has optical scanners, 12 massage programs, five intensity grades, 48 massage air chambers and the zero-gravity elevation capacity.

This machine has been designed with the special purpose of targeting overall well-being of users. This unit has optical scanners that go up and then down a user’s spinal column, the purpose of which is to measure the body’s width at the start of the massage and record the body’s contours to match its shape.  This ability to adjust to the body’s shape makes this massage chair very receptive to the user’s needs.

The OSIM uASTRO2 Massage Chair boasts of features that allow customization of massage settings for everyone.  They have prepared twelve different massage programs for this unit and there are also five intensity grades to choose from.  All of these are made possible with the incorporation of 48 chambers of air massagers.

Users sometimes would like their feet to be elevated – the positioning they call “zero gravity” – to relieve pressure from the bottom all the way to the head.  That’s one option you can do with this unit.


You might be interested with the following:

  • The OSIM uASTRO2 Massage Chair is capable of rolling the feet while at rest.  The rolling types are sideways and gentle up and down strokes.
  • This massage chair has armrests that do unique jobs for the palms and arms.  This is perfect for those who do a lot of manual jobs like lifting, pushing, pulling etc. in their workplaces.
  • The uASTRO2 has a design that suits those who have big broad shoulders.
  • There are five levels of massage intensity
  • There is a built-in lumbar heater
  • Twelve different massage operations
  • Auto off in 15 minutes
  • A remote control that tells users of the massage progress
  • Maximum user weight of about 532 lbs


Rolling footrest massage that relieve sore calves and feet

Gentle squeeze on the palms

Extra space for people who have broad shoulders


Some users complain that there’s too low massage pressure on the back, arms and neck

This massage chair is quite short for people with long bodies.  They will have a problem to keep some of the machine’s part in place while sitting down.

Customer Reviews

Users of the OSIM often cite the extended 2-yr warranty for the OSIM uASTRO2 Massage Chair as a big plus.

Most of these users point out that the experience rivals the hottest spa treatments.  They get the feel of real masseuse hands on the neck and back.

The unit’s ability to accommodate big broad shoulders is another good thing, according to reviews.

The OSIM uASTRO2 Massage Chair massage rollers that can reach the top shoulder muscles are also cited in many reviews.

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OSIM Massage Chair Reviews

OSIM uASTRO2 Massage Chair

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