Ultimate Inversion Table Guide: Benefits, Usage & Reviews


A person should be aware of his/her body and the way it works. Not only do the negative sides of life like diseases, pollution, mental stress and aging effect your body but the basic things of life on earth like gravity have a downside on your body too. The anatomy of the body is designed in such a way that the processes work according to the direction of gravity and also take advantage of it.

But, with every good point comes a slight negative side too which we never realise until late. Our bones and joints specifically get weakened with time and the joints get pushed from their initial position too which is one of the major causes of back problems and spinal aches in elder age people.

Do Inversion Tables Work?

To know the importance of inversion tables in our life lets first go to the natural set example of animals which use the inverted position to strengthen themselves up. The upside down hanging position of bats is the best example for that. They realised that the reverse gravity position does help your body and joints a lot.

Another example is of one of our own former evolutionary friend, the apes. Apes usually can be seen hanging upside down from their legs and the reason why they do it is beneficial to us too. The results of the inverted positions are tremendous and without doubt you have seen the extreme joint and bone strength of apes yourself.

Apart from this there have been many tests conducted by scientists, doctors, chiropractors and massage experts have without a doubt proved that the inversion therapy is one of the most effective ones. If you still have a doubt, read on to know about it all in detail.

Benefits of Inversion Tables


The first and the foremost benefit of inversion therapy is that your chances of preventing a back surgery will increase drastically. It has been observed that only 77% of people who took inversion therapy did not require the painful back surgery anymore. But not only this, there are many amazing health benefits of inversion therapy that you should know of.

1. Pain Relief

  • The painful back pain surgery is the one major thing you get relief from. And without any hesitation save a huge chunk of money that you might have had lost because of it.
  • Herniated discs or slip discs are caused mostly because of improper posture and the devil work of gravity. These lead to back muscle pinching which may vary from mild to excruciating pain. Inversion therapy gives enough space and posture to set these discs back to place and relieve the teary pain.
  • The sciatic nerve is quite long and the pain occurring in it can vary from a tingling sensation to numbness to unbearable. Inversion therapy has effectively removed the pain and cured the nerve problems too on a long term.
  • Cervical spinal stenosis is a narrowing of the spinal cord in the neck vertebrae. This results in severe pain and disorientation of the body structure to some extent too. Inversion therapy relieves and even reverses this condition as a proof of many people who applied the technique.
  • A few minutes of inversion therapy a day can significantly reduce the pain you may already be experiencing from osteoarthritis. Inversion therapy can also slow down, or even stop, the progression of osteoarthritis.
  • Headaches which are caused due to stress of the daily life can also be taken away along with a great deal of refreshening of the mind.
  • The circulation of the blood in the reverse mode helps in removing any knots that are developed in the muscles and arteries.
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2. Improvement of body functioning

  • The inverted position eases the lungs and redistributes the pooled blood to the upper lungs and improves the overall functioning.
  • People with sinus issues can get great benefits from inversion therapy. The inverted position provides more oxygen to the nasal areas and keeps them moist and capable of better functioning. The flush of nasal passage becomes easier because of more blood in the head.
  • If you ever saw a person performing the inverted exercise or standing on his/her hands with legs in the air, you witnessed a person with a better breathing mechanism than yours.
  • Along with reduction in heart arrhythmia, inverted position releases the stress from the heart as it does not have to work that hard in the respective posture. This improves the heart condition and works like a servicing of it too.
  • When the intestines get the gravity helping them to push the stool to the outpost, the digestion improves effectively too.
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3. Beauty from the outside

  • The inversion therapy allows the body to adjust itself into the default position and the bones to align themselves back. The anti gravity posture gives an ultimate makeover to the way your body realigns itself.
  • Flexibility is one of the key features that help a person move forward in life. Both mental and physical flexibility increase with this therapy giving the person a broader outer appearance.
  • The inversion therapy relieves all the muscles of the body and relaxes the brain thus resulting in a better sleep which directly becomes the beauty sleep.
  • The height problems of a person can be averted with this inversion therapy. Both gaining and regaining of the height have been observed in people who were regular users of this therapy.
  • The inversion therapy has an anti ageing effect on the skin because of better blood circulation all over the body. It also improves the overall physical appearance of a person.

How to Use Inversion Table

Everything in this world has an upside and a downside to it. So does it happen with the inversion tables too. It depends on the person who is using it and the way he/she applies the theory to the practical part.

Using an inversion table is very easy but also involves some basic things to be kept in mind without which the results drastically change from being good to really bad. There is also a category list which comes along with the inversion table usage that you should understand before using them.

1. for Beginners

Inversion table uses the inversion therapy which is flipping the body upside down. The most rookie mistake which leads to a worse result than a positive one is the amount of inversion they go through.

  • While some may tolerate the full inversion of 90 degrees, many may suffer through a heavy blood rush into the brain instead.
  • The inverted position may also lead to a rather increased heart rate and also cause glaucoma and high blood pressure due to sudden change in the flow of the blood.
  • So, it is recommended that any person who is a beginner with the inversion table should start with a 25 to 30 degree of inversion and slowly increase the elevations.

2. for people with disorders

Even though the inversion table does cure many disorders, people with these disorders stated below should consult their doctor first before using the inversion table.

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Glaucoma
  • Varying and specifically high blood pressure

Other than these, people with any health problem should consult their doctor before using the inversion table to be on the safer side.

If these points are checked by you, then there is only one step left to go through and that is using the inversion table and gets the best results for your body. There is no rocket science in using the inversion table. Just lying in the flipped position on the table while the table does all the work is the main instruction.

Best Inversion Tables to Buy Online

Inversion tables are not tough to grab. There are even really good deals to get while getting inversion tables. The best part is that there is no specific brand that dominates the market in this field. There are different brands with their own special functions and advantages. We have selected some of the best ones in the market and provided all the information about them for you. Go ahead and see which one you find best.

Note: These products come with a transparency of visual in packaging too. Any inversion table which is not visible through the packaging is not considered to be a good one either. The bestsellers proudly notify that their packaging makes the table visible and cannot be hidden.

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1. IRONMAN Gravity 4000 Highest Weight Capacity Inversion Table


The best seller in the business till now is this product. It is not a thing to wonder either to know why. First, the name defines it all – IRONMAN. Second, have you ever seen a product being highly descriptive about all its features directly on the website it is being sold on? This may be the only product to be so clear and transparent with the user about product information. The safety is one of the key features of this inversion table as it can hold up to 350lbs at the maximum angle of inversion with just its tether straps. Safety vinyl handles are also efficient in protecting hands and fingers. The cost is cheap and the product has won the trust of people all over the world. Read More…

2. Innova ITX9600 Heavy Duty Deluxe Inversion Therapy Table


The cheapest among the best sellers available on amazon.com is this table. It has some extra added features like large padded seating and adjustable headrest pad. The framework is excellent and can hold up to 300lbs of weight. The table is very flexible with different sizes and shapes of people ranging from 4 feet 10 inches to 6 feet 6 inches. The true balance system and safety pin system provide better inversion than strap systems. Read More…

3. Teeter EP-560 Ltd. Inversion Table with Back Pain Relief Kit


Not exactly the cheap kind but when compared to the added features it comes with, it automatically makes the person increase his/her budget further. The comfortrak bed maximises spinal comfort. The extensive 5 year warranty ensures all the risk factors are minimised. The innovative track design system accommodates acupressure nodes. The lumbar bridge accessories is an add on to give extra comfort and relief to the lumbar area. The product comes with a 5 health back routines instructional DVD and users seem to be pretty thankful to it too. Read More…

4. Exerpeutic Inversion Table with Comfort Foam Backrest


When it comes to going for the cheap tables with trustable performance, this one is the best deal. At a whopping price of just $88.96 the framework and flexibility of the padding is extreme delight. However, the extra long full loop safety handle bars with adjustable tether strap provide safe and easy inversion which come right back to the initial upright position when done. The foam rollers make the ankle holdings comfortable unlike many others. At such a low price, this table has certainly won the hearts of many people. Read More…

5. Ironman Gravity 1000 Inversion Table


While all the other inversion tables are advancing with regular updates this one stands with its authentic and traditional methods of functioning. It is considered best for blood circulation and back stress relief. The durable tubular steel frame and tough nylon backrest give a sturdy framework the proper strength required for holding up to 300 pounds with ease. Ease of accessibility along with the foldable option and light weight of just 46 pounds makes this table portable too. Read More…


Though many consider inversion tables over the natural ways that can help you avoid the back problems, inversion tables are not the only solution one should opt for. Regular exercise and right posture of the body is enough to prevent around 70% of all back problems. The most attended patients after common cold are of lower back pain. This is mostly due to our own lifestyle rather than the disorders either chronic or acute. So, it is better to keep yourself healthy enough to not use a device to stay healthy in the latter part.

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